Want to Get Rid of Yahoo Email Account due to Security Reasons !! Get it Deactivated Now

As security breaches in Yahoo email account that happened twice in a year has made people more cautious about their email account security who luckily survived in this data breach. The eyebrows have also raised on the Yahoo email service provider  in terms of question marks over the security that is not up to the mark. With a threat of security lapse happening on an unprecedented basis, users are now looking to take a break from Yahoo account i.e. looking to disable or deactivate Yahoo account.

Many people; who do  not know how to deactivate a Yahoo account, are not able to perform any activity due to lack of knowledge. They are already confused whether deactivating or deleting Yahoo account is one under the same thing.

Off course it is the same thing, but there is a twist in between the process. Once you implement the Yahoo account delete process successfully, it takes 90 days to remove the Yahoo email account permanently. But in between if you want to access your email account , the termination process is void and Yahoo email account will not deleted even after 90 days.

So let’s begin with the process to deactivate Yahoo account

  • Using Web Browser on Desktop and Laptop Device
    • In a web browser, type the shortened URL of Yahoo account deletion process : Yahoo.com/delete
    • As the page is displayed, verify your ownership of the account by entering your login details
    • Once the new page is displayed with the text message, you need to enter the account password.
    • Now you will get redirected to a new web page, the text message is displayed on the screen defining the terms and conditions to be accepted before deleting a Yahoo account .
    • Tick the radio button against the option ‘I Accept’ and  proceed ahead.
    • Doing this, you are again asked to enter the login password and type the captcha code to verify the authenticity.
    • Now click on the button “Terminate this account” and wait for the new screen to appear.

Doing this, your Yahoo email account can deactivated in quick time. If you do not access this account within 40-90 days, it will permanently get terminated  and you will not able to restore the Yahoo account anytime.

In case, you need any assistance or have any queries related to deactivation of Yahoo account, then it is recommended to contact Yahoo support phone number at the earliest to fix troublesome issues at the earliest.